September 13th, 2007

Python 3 Book Proposal

I'm not sure what to think about this email I received yesterday. Were the messages I wrote to the python-3000 mailing list sufficiently witty as to attract the attention of a book publisher? Or maybe it was my awesome expositional abilities?

Or maybe this was spam, just blindly sent out to random people who had written emails to the list. I'd like to think the first, but the second seems more likely given the content of the message...

I am writing you as an acquisitions editor with
[Omitted]. I came across your name on the
Python 3000 mailing list. I have recently heard about
Python 3, and was wondering if you are very familiar
with the program? Do you expect it to grow in
importance and/or?interest? Do you think it would be a
good book topic to pursue? If so, any potential
authors come to mind? Or perhaps this is a project
that interests you???Your feedback is greatly
appreciated. I look forward to hearing back from

(Note: extraneous ?s are original, not an artifact, on my side, at least).