James Y Knight (fuhm) wrote,
James Y Knight

OSX Leopard terminal drops bce (back-color-erase)??

So I'm checking out the new features in the OSX Leopard terminal. Tabs, great. Can actually draw Monaco 9 properly without tweaking the FontWidthSpacing to 1.003, check. Wait, what's this? ESC 2J no longer fills the screen with the background color? Who the hell writes a terminal application that doesn't use bce? Especially considering the previous version did. This terminal claims to be xterm. And xterm supports bce. Even the xterm terminfo on osx says it supports bce! (infocmp xterm | grep bce)

For a simple test of your terminal's bce-supportingness, type this:
python -c 'print "\x1b[44m\x1b[2J"'
Your whole screen should end up with a blue background.

Seriously, Apple: what's up? Is there some maximum amount of goodness that's allowed in Terminal.app, so after fixing all the other things, you had to balance it out with some additional sucktitude? Or maybe I'm missing something really obvious here?

PS: I should mention: this isn't just idle concern. It actually does break terminal apps. Most full-screen apps which draw a background color will now look wrong, because the background color will only appear under the actively drawn text. For a good example, try mutt.

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