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08 December 2008 @ 10:37 am
TV Antenna  
After a recommendation from Gavin, I purchased an RCA ANT 1500 antenna. This thing is absolutely amazing! I previously had a Terk Low-Profile Indoor Antenna (TV5), which worked, as long as I rotated it to just the right orientation for that particular channel. But this new one is flat, mounts on the wall, and gets all the "green" (should work with indoor antennas) channels that TVFool's antenna lookup says I should get, without having to fiddle it at all.

Unfortunately, it doesn't replace cable, since many channels are not available over-the-air, but it does let me use my HdHomeRun (with two tuners) to record (in HD) any of the major networks, leaving the single-tuner cable box free for cable-only channels.

The antenna is now much more reliable than the cable box. The box appears to restart in the middle of the night sometimes, even if it's in the middle of recording a show. And occasionally, seemingly with no rhyme or reason, the firewire output for a particular program is encrypted, which makes the recording fail. The antenna has neither of those issues.
gpetersgpeters on December 8th, 2008 04:38 pm (UTC)
I'd like to use my EEE PC 900 as a TeeVee on the boat at some point. The problem facing me with this is that it's not powerful enough to decode HD at anything like realtime.

Do you know of any USB tuners that do hardware scaling? I imagine I could just have MythTV rescale to 1280x600 DivX which is playable, but then I couldn't watch shows until a few hours after they were on (which is probably fine).

Any other thoughts?