James Y Knight (fuhm) wrote,
James Y Knight

Apple mail no longer uses format=flowed???

It seems to always send mail with quoted-printable encoding now...sigh.

I sent this feedback to Apple with their "Provide Mail Feedback" menu option, but I have no idea if anyone reads that...so I'll post it here too, which I know at least some people from Apple read. :)

Mail.app used to encode long lines with format=flowed, which caused it to be nicely wrapped in mailing list archives, and for people using old mail readers that can't handle long lines.

Now, as of 10.6.2 (I think?), it's started sending all mail with quoted-printable encoding instead. This is terrible! Now my emails are nigh-unreadable in many online archives. For example, a bug report I submitted to Debian via email:


That would not have happened with format=flowed encoding.

Please please pretty please with sugar on top put it back? Hopefully by default, but, if not, at least make it an option?

Anyone have a copy of Mail.app from 10.6.1 they'd like to send me?

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